How to choose a perfect bookcase for your house

Deciding what furniture goes where in a house can be daunting. Furniture sets don’t come with the same style or type of construction, making it difficult to match them with an already existing design style. The same applies to bookcases. They come in hundreds of styles and shapes, so you have to make your choices well.

Size is everything

Size is the most important thing to consider before choosing a bookcase. Since it may end up being the focal point in the room, you need to make sure it’s of the right size. You might get a bookcase much closer to the style you want, but its size might throw proportions off, thereby looking oddly placed. A general rule is to leave a few inches around your bookcase.

Beauty or function?

There exists a delicate balance between beauty and function when it comes to choosing furniture pieces. If you have a massive book collection to store, then you’d better first look for storage bins to keep faded copies or those you rarely read. Beauty comes if you can throw in a few pieces of artwork and accessories.

The rule of three

Grouping collections or items in threes is a general design rule. You can rarely go wrong with this, and if you need to fill up negative space, you’d instead continue sticking to odd numbers. Of course, there’s no harm in matching pairs if you want to add some symmetry in a room. However, for small items, sticking with groups of three does the trick.

Mix textures

The fact that you’re going to pack your shelf with books doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some fun textures. Plants are best in adding texture. You can also create a fun display by changing some books’ direction or turning others around to see the pages.

Bring in different sizes

Add some diversity when grouping items. Varying sizes of items within a group creates more visual interest. Also, try to vary the textures within the group or mix varying finishes within the same general color family.

Leave some breathing space

It’s quite tempting to pack your bookcase full of stuff. Create groupings and sections, leaving spaces between the next, and desist from the urge to fill a bookcase.

Bookcases are great storage solutions in a home and are versatile enough to serve multiple uses. You’ll want to check the Tylko’s veneer and plywood bookcases, if you’re looking for functional and incredible pieces for your home library.